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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Proclaimer of the Word

As of today, I am once again a lector.
It's been a long time, around a year and a half since I last was a reader in church.  It's been a long journey from then to now.  I am relieved to be worshipping at All Saints, and to experience the Spirit working in my life.   I have been drawing closer and closer to God, in faith, and I hope, in action.
Being a lector is more involved here. The duties include carrying in the book of Gospel readings and standing it on the altar, as well as the intercessory prayers and announcements.  But reading the selected readings of the day is something I feel I can do well.  It was all the "other" duties that had me worried.
But today, at last, I was lector.
And more than that, I was a "Proclaimer of the Word."

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