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Monday, March 28, 2016

A Special Easter

After the Good Friday service that I spoke about here, I also attended the Easter Vigil service on Saturday evening. I had attended them at St. John's when the boys were young but it had been a while.

What a moving service it is, as we light the new Paschal candle outside and enter, with that light spreading though the darkened congregation it really made the feeling of the Light of Christ come into the world. (Ok, the candles held by the parishioners were battery operated, but the effect was the same). Then, when you add the chanting of the prayers, psalms and Litany of Saints by the choir, the service was truly beautiful.

The confirmation of the catechumens was touching to me as well, hoping that next year I will be among them. Now that the busyness of Easter and Holy Week is over, I have contacted Father Stanly to see if I can meet and talk with him. He was in India for his annual winter trip when I started attending All Saints. And with Lent starting immediately upon his return, it made sense to wait until there was a lull in the calendar. Now I can find out if there are ways I can participate in both worship and service of the church.

As a friend once called it: church work as well as the work of the church.

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