Step by step, this is the story of my journey in growing my faith and finding my true home.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Just Keep Mozying On.

What was I thinking, starting another blog?
With my knitting consuming vast amounts of time, I also have been trying to to some reading. The object, especially this Lent to read books that will help keep me focused on the path I am am walking. So between the knitting and the reading, it doesn't leave much time for one blog, let alone two.
I may not have posted here, but that doesn't mean the journey has stalled. I find myself mentally composing snippets of posts, never when I have any time or materials to record them though. I can say this, this Lent has certainly been a reflective time for me. 
Maybe the fact that I am studying the book of Revelations has contributed to that reflectivness. It certainly has made me more aware of life and circumstances. I know I feel more secure in my faith. 
And, as I look around this old world of ours, more sure of where I am heading in the end. I know I am in no way perfected, but I that I am trying to be open to those nudges down the path I need to travel.

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