Step by step, this is the story of my journey in growing my faith and finding my true home.

Monday, February 15, 2016

In the Beginning

I promised a bit about the early parts of the path I am on, telling how I became who I am.

My faith journey started many many years ago, when I attended my grandmother's rural Wesleyan Methodist church. I would only go for Sunday School as a rule, but later I attended many summer Bible school sessions there as well. I remember the good old hymns and my classroom, down some creepy stairs in the basement. Once, while my grandmother and uncle were watching us one Wednesday evening, I remember even going to their Prayer Meeting.

All my memories of that little church are fond ones.

Later, around third grade or so, my family started attending the regular Methodist church, first in the nearby town, near where I now live, and later in my hometown. I stayed Methodist for many years. Baptized and confirmed there, I was active in the youth group foe many years. There was a trip to a crusade held by Billy Graham's son-one-law that made a deep impression on me.

In college, I was active in a Christian women's club affiliated with the Methodist Church and even sang in the student choir. And after being out on my own, while my attendance wavered at times, I continued with the Methodist church.

In my late twenties, I became involved with a renewal movement that originated in the Catholic Church, but locally had become a more ecumenical group. Through the retreats and reunions lead by this group, my faith and closeness to God grew. Eventually, with a friend, I attended an Episcopal church, lead by a priest who I had met on one of our weekend retreats. I felt I was home.

Now as an aside, I was noticing around this time that the various churches I was moving toward were becoming more and more liturgical. I had visited several denominations in the past, with others, but found I liked the structure the liturgical forms of worship gave. I had, for some time, considered attending the Catholic Church. Indeed, at the time I was often playing guitar at Saturday Mass, while still attending Sunday Methodist services. But I felt it was a very big step. So the Episcopal church seemed just right. Catholic Lite, as it is sometimes called and I became a confirmed member there.

Lately though, as I think I mentioned in my first post, I wasn't finding my soul being fed. I went ahead and took the step I had pondered some 34 years ago. I have turned to the Catholic Church. It will be a while before I can take membership classes, but so feels right.

I also heard about a suggested Lenten suggestion of blogging or journaling every day. It may not be everyday, but I hope to check in here at least twice a week, just to help keep me accountable.

Peace be with you.

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