Step by step, this is the story of my journey in growing my faith and finding my true home.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The First Step

The first step was made years and years ago. Where I am now is just a point on the journey. The road is one I will travel until my days are over.

And if I stay true and, as was said at Bible Study today, keep looking at the Lamb, my journey will end at the Best of All Possible Places. Our study now is on the book of Revelation. That may be one reason for one of the steps I am taking, leaving one place of worship for another, but only one. There was also a lifetime of growth and traveling behind that decision. I hope to talk about and document that journey at least a little, here on this blog.

If you want to follow along more serious musings than I post on my associated blog, Farm Mom Musings, I will be placing a button where you can choose to follow or even get email notifications when I post. I may or may not post links on my Facebook page, depending on the post.

This hopefully will be the story of how I got where I am. And how I continue on my journey.

Peace be with you.

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