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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Lost Service

I know my medically knowledgeable friends will get after me when/if they read this. Let me just say, I've learned my lesson, I hope. And I now have a roll of glucose tablets in my purse.

Yesterday, I planned on attending the 4pm Mass to be followed by supper out with the Hubby. I figured I better be sure to eat something before I left. That is the only problem with the 4pm service, I don't quite know how to plan my meals. I often have a late breakfast, especially if I pick up Younger Son from work at 6am, because I go back to bed when I get home. So knowing when to eat is a problem, if I am not hungry.

The problem lies with my diabetes.

I rummaged in the fridge and found a bowl of salad I had purchased when I got groceries the day before. I took my mess, including insulin, and started the salad. What I thought was pasta turned out to be cauliflower. The problem was, I should have had some carbs after the insulin. I didn't.

After arriving at church, I was there in time for the Rosary, but half way through I started feeling "funny", and was sweating, I didn't want to walk out, not sure I even wanted to walk, but I sat back and scarfed down at least a dozen Altoids mints. (Much more discreet than a granola bar or two in church.). I sat back for the rest of the Rosary, and started feeling better, although chilled and shaky during the Mass. I even to struggled to stay awake some. I popped a few more Altoids.

After the Mass, I got out to the car just fine. Before I drove home, I ate a couple granola bars, just to be save. When I got home to my meter, I tested at 77. When we went to supper, I didn't inject myself until I started my meal. And I cut it back a bit.

So, lesson learned? I hope so. Even though I couldn't finish the Rosary, I sure did a lot of praying. The mints helped, and I have a roll of glucose tablets in my purse now. And I will be sure to "carb up" before Mass. Maybe I better stick the meter in there too.

And, since I was in a daze during Mass yesterday, I watched it on tv this morning. And I have it programmed to record weekly.

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